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loret-profile-dennis-lesueurWhen I am asked to characterize our Group, I answer that we are a Guadeloupian, Caribbean and Domian Group, proud of its values and realizations, with a great ambition for territories it operates.

In each of our jobs : car industry, car rental, industrial cars and telecommunication, we have the ambition of being the Number One on our markets, with our clients in the center of our attention.

This leadership give us the duty of being the example of a well manage company and the right to preserve our pride and realizations.

We care about the guarantee of the Group, its employees and partners. Rigorous, control and ethic are key principles which suggest our daily action.

We want to contribute positively and citizenly to the future of our region..

The building of a submarine fiber optic cable which link 14 Oriental Caribbean island to the telecommunication global axis and the building of telecommunication terrestrial networks in 4 DOM are our contribution to the development and the opening of our regions and the progress of many.

We are proud of this new realizations we were engaged in partnership with the overseas countries (Guadeloupe, Guyana, Martinique, Reunion) and the governments of those.

In order to conduct our projects forward and to be equal to our ambitions we modernized our Group by given it a Supervisory Board in 2010. It is composed of independent and qualified people who monitor on behalf of our shareholders our management. We have simplified the structure, organization and business, divested non-core assets.

Confident in our roots, with our multiple identities and skills of our teams were able to trust us in the long term, we develop a business plan for cost-effective and motivating all employees of our Group. I should like to thank them for their unwavering commitment, our best guarantee of success.

Denis Lesueur
President Director